We were pleased to welcome Kevin the carrot and his team back for another year on Stage 2 at Black Island Studios

Meet the team

Agency: McCann Manchester

Production Company: Stink London

Directors: PSYOP Todd, Kylie

Producer: Paz Parasmand

PSYOP Senior Producer: Jamie Pastor

PYSOP Producer: Mark Berger

PYSOP Assistant Producer: Savanna Stephens

Production Manager: Charlotte Jones

Covid Supervisor/Production Assistant: Allanagh Spratling

1st AD: Jez Oakley

Runners: Akay Delano, Liam Coles, Freddie Wilcox

Script Supervisor: Jane Fryers

DOP: Richard Mott

Focus Puller: Rupert Hornstein

2nd AC: Tom Carpenter

Camera Trainee: David Ansah

Grip: Andy Sauer

2nd Grip: Neil Blakesley

Technodolly Ops: Michael Mensah, Lee Kemble

DIT: Lilly Palmer

Playback: Andrew Spindle

Gaffer: Dave Tyler

Rigger: John Hanks

Electrician: Mike Casserly, Jamie Hunt, Aaron Dunning, Joe Hissey

Desk Op: Jonny Gaskill

Production Designer: Kem White

Assistant Art Director: Ruthie Falconer

Stylist: Penny Markham

Prop Masters: Lester Hill, Nick Turnbull

Model Makers: Leigh Took, Lauren Took, Richard Grant, Craig Gray

Construction: Richard Wardale, Tommy Aitcheson

SFX: Richard Van De Bergh

SFX Technicians: Luke Corbyn, Zach Van De Bergh

VFX Supervisors: Liam Griffin, Chris Mortimer

Editor: John Mayers

Editor Assistant: Serena Rossi

Medic: Paul Mawson